Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Extreme Silliness

You will not believe this one. For the final phase of the Professional Certification Program I am required to include student work as "evidence" that I have improved my teaching skills. This work must be "in student voice" meaning that it has to be an original copy (to prevent us from cheating I guess?). Therefore, we are required to photograph or scan the work and include it in a powerpoint presentation. This is the best I could do with our digital camera, and still have the whole page show at once. The amazing part is that I offered to translate the work into a readable copy, and was told that, no, it had to be original. I asked about the fact that you can't possibly read it, and they said, get this, they don't care as long as it is original student work. I am tempted to make up a work sheet that says PRO CERT IS STUPID! PRO CERT IS STUPID! over and over again. Of course that would mean, I would be lowering myself to their level of extreme silliness.


susan said...

This is very scary!!! What did the "before" work sample look like?

Joy to the World said...

The before work was pretty much the same since this stupid program has not improved me or the kids in the slightest!