Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The best boss ever (mine) is planning to retire in a mere fourteen months! I know this may seem like a long way off, but really it's just the end of next school year. The best supervisor ever got promoted out last year and now this. I don't know how we will all cope. Once you get spoiled by management that cares about workers and is responsible, responsive, and democratic it gets really hard to go back to the usual. I suppose there is a small chance we will get someone just as good, but, let's face it, the odds of that are not high. Having read my 90's management philosophy books I know that I am supposed to be flexible, role with the change, and go in search of new cheese. However, it feels as though our delicious aged French blue might be swapped for a limp piece of rubbery American.

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fizzz said...

Cabot cheese from Vermont makes a wonderful clothbound cheddar. Good cheese exists in the states.