Monday, June 19, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

On Friday we went with some friends to see Al Gore's new documentary An Inconvenient Truth. I was prepared for the fact that this movie would be grim, and I was completely correct. Al and the movie do a great job of convincing us that their really is a problem and it really is serious RIGHT NOW! The effects of global warming are already happening, and if things continue as they are, it will get much, much worse.

The part that I did not expect was the humor and real feeling that Al Gore actually managed to include in his presentation. The wooden one was no more. You can tell that he really does care about what he is saying, and that he wants his audience to care too. If he had only displayed one tenth of that warmth on the campaign trail he might have carried more states that could not be co-opted by a Bush. Al Gore claims that "100% of the profits will go back in the education campaign" so go see the movie if only to have better ammunition against the doubters.

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