Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer Madness Cont.

Monday we collected the textbooks and other materials that the students have been borrowing all year. We collect the books and look them over for damage that was not there in the fall. For example, if your book was brand new in the fall but it is now covered in mud and curse words, we tend to give you a fine. Also, if we gave you a book in the fall, and you do not have the same book to give back to us, you are fined for replacement cost. You would not believe how many kids try to turn in somebody else's book as their own to avoid the fine. We do check numbers against our records so that never works. Today the bookkeeper announced that we have 264 outstanding fines totaling almost $12,000! If they don't pay, they don't get a yearbook or a report card. There are going to be some cranky parents in town tonight.

Also, I heard a great one in the hall last week. A group of girls was standing in a semi-circle around another girl who was clearly have a "moment." Center-of-attention girl was clutching a paper and yelling "It's just the stupid endocrine system! Who needs a stupid Endocrine system!" I can only guess that she did badly on a health test.

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Raymond said...

But wait, even if they could get away with turning in somebody else's book, all that does is shift the fine to the other person. Do they steal the replacement book? Or do they somehow con their friend into "loaning" them the book "for a day"?