Friday, June 23, 2006

School Pride

My kids made me so proud the last few days. I'm a bit like a mother hen all puffed up over her chicks because they did such a great job. A few days ago we had the trivia competition in our school. Now my class is supposed to be sort of a "TLC" class for those who need it, so some people don't expect much from them. However, I know that they are incredibly capable when they choose to be, and the trivia competition was no exception. My little team answered 7/10 questions correctly and they got sixth place over all! They were up against gifted classes, advanced math classes, and all sorts of others and they still got sixth place! My hands hurt from clapping when we were done.

The next day was our field day, and things got even better. In the water relay (spoonfuls of water from the beaker, across the track, into the empty beaker) we had strategy, we had finesse, we had awesome players, and we had 20 cc's MORE than any other team! Next came the over under game (medicine ball + line of kids over head and under legs until it gets to the end- repeat) and we got fourth place. Dodge ball (I don’t' need to explain that one right?) was not so good (I think we got 8th), but then there was the tug'o'war (I really don't need to explain that) and we kicked butt. There were kids sliding around and falling all over the place because no team could stand against ours. They pulled four rounds one right after another, and they did not even come close to being beaten. My voice hurt from screaming. They were walking on air when we heard the announcement that they got the overall win. It feels great to get a little success sometimes, and it was certainly a good way to head into the summer.

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That is _fabulous_! :)