Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Geography Lessons

Sally (brandishing map like a flag): Mrs. T! Mrs. T! I just got back my map and there is a BIG problem!

Me: Oh dear, Sally, what seems to be the trouble?

Sally (very aggrieved): Well! I just got back my map and YOU said that I didn't do the Gobi Desert! See right there in the corner, you took off two whole points for the Gobi Desert.

Me: Yes, I see that you lost points for the Gobi Desert.

Sally: Well that just isn't FAIR! I had the Gobi Desert put in right there (gestures to map). It's not missing at all!

Me: Sally, you didn't lose the points because the desert was missing. You lost them because you placed the desert in Indonesia.

Sally: SO!?

Me (as patiently as I can possibly manage): Well the Gobi Dessert is not actually located in Indonesia. It's much further north. You know, around Mongolia?

Sally: Oh.

Me: It's not just about having the feature on the map; it has to actually be in the right place to get credit.

Sally: Oh. Yeah. Okay.

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