Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Food Challenge

This month, M and I have decided to challenge ourselves when it comes to our food buying habits. Instead of going to the market and buying our usual haul of goodies, we have resolved to buy only perishable items such as fruit, veggies, and dairy products. You might think that we were on a health kick or trying to save money, but you would be wrong. I'm sure those things will probably improve, but our main purpose in this has to do with our pantry.

I admit that I do have a pantry problem. I like to get good deals on food, and I also hate running out of things. Therefore, when I see a tiny price for an item I know we will need, I tend to buy it. This is how our pantry got to be one huge and teetering pile. M really tries to combat this problem through organization, but the simple truth is that we have too much. Sometimes, I'm ashamed to say, we have so many items that things actually go past date without my even noticing.

Last weekend we made our first trip to the grocery store while under the "no pantry foods" ban. We only bought about half as much as normal, and it was all fresh and not processed. Meals this week were fairly normal since we did have so much "in stock." Now I'm waiting to see what things will be like by the very end of the month when we've started to run out of things. Maybe that will be when we actually have to eat just the fresh stuff. As long as we don't run out of coffee, I think we'll make it through.

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