Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vacation Aftershocks

It seems one can't go away on a wonderful vacation without paying for it in some form. I'm not talking about money here, but more like karma. Our trip to Maui was not without this type of exchange. We enjoyed sun, sand, and family togetherness, but then, when we got home, reality was waiting in the form of a leaky toilet and a crushed frog.

While we were away our cat and our house got bored without us, and they decided to amuse themselves in different and creative ways. Our cat solved this problem by chasing the small plastic frog habitat off the counter thus killing one of the frog occupants. Either the cat couldn't or wouldn't actually eat the frogs, so the one who retained his structural integrity was saved by our friend, K, who happened to come in at a lucky moment.

That was not the only bit of saving K managed to do for us. The toilet decided to start leaking a couple days before we were to return. She managed to soak up most of the water, so we did not have major damage to the rest of our floors. Poor M had to spend a whole day at home waiting for the hugely expensive (given the tiny problem) plumber to arrive, but now we are back in business.

Thanks again, K, for saving our bacon :)

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