Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Being a Grown-up

Recently, I was watching a toddler play with bubbles. This made me think about how easy it is for little kids to find amazement and joy in the world. Flickering lights and tree boughs over head make my daughter stare in wonder. How sad it is that we adults can't find such simple pleasures. Then I realized this is a double edged sword. If we were so easily distracted, there would be all sorts of things we couldn't do. Driving would be impossible if the sight of sun on water so diverted our attention that we then crashed the car. Also, the young brain that so readily becomes elated has the flip side of being always on the edge of despair. One advantage of being an adult is the perspective on what is or is not a terrible tragedy.

Things that do not make me cry:

10. Falling asleep

9. Slow food service

8. Red traffic lights

7. Strangers smiling at me

6. Potty moments

5. Losing things

4. Loud noises

3. Riding in the car

2. Being alone

1. Changing clothes

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