Monday, August 23, 2010

Hornets - But Not the Green Kind

It all started when the pregnant yard worker got stung by a hornet in our front yard. It seems we've been harboring a huge hornet nest without even realizing. After making sure the poor lady was not going to swell up and die (her partner took her home), we headed inside and closed all the doors and windows. M got right on the phone and found an exterminator very quickly. They were able to come in only half an hour, and soon we had a man in a full bee suit in our yard. He sprayed the next and took it away without much fuss, but as he was working M could see the hornets shooting out of the hive and landing on the house and yard. I was afraid for the neighboring kids, so I went out the back door and went to warn the houses nearby. As far as I know, nobody but the orignial person ever got stung. All in all, not the way you want to spend your time (or money) but at least the results were good.

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