Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two Thumbs Up

The big baby news of the last week has been all about the thumbs. Delphinium has been trying for some time to get her hands into her mouth, but recently a break through occurred. Ladies and gentlemen, the thumb has been located! Yes, it's true, it came away from the hand and found its way into our girl's mouth without the rest of the fist. This was BIG NEWS in our world because it means that Delphinium now has a built-in pacifier that she can deploy at will.

The only difficulty we've encountered (other than wondering where that thumb may have been) has to do with the rest of the fingers. It turns out that if you put your thumb in your mouth without first curling the other fingers you tend to poke yourself in the eye. Of course you do not realize the cause and effect, and glare at your parents wondering why they've allowed some mysterious force to injure you in this shocking way. For the moment, we're keeping her nails as short as possible and hoping the second half of the lesson comes as quickly as the first.

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