Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four Months of Baby

At four months old, Delphinium can now:

-Hold up her head, neck, and back well enough to ride on your hip

-Happily ride forward facing in the baby bjorn (hooray! going out in public just got SO much easier)

-Laugh out loud (especially when Dad is being hilarious)

-Coo and make all sorts of talking sounds (sometimes when she's unhappy she doesn't cry, but instead tells you, in very earnest tones, about all the things she thinks need fixing)

-Hold up her head and shoulders when turned on her tummy

-Lift her bottom in the air by pushing off with hands and knees

-Scream for an entire mile while hating on the stroller

-Scream for an entire car trip while hating on the car seat

-Grab all sorts of things and stuff them in her mouth (towels, blankets, her own clothes, toys)

-Drool, drool, drool

-Suck her thumb

-Sleep all night (for about the last seven weeks fingers crossed, crossed, crossed!)

-Kick off ALL those stupid blankets

-Streeeetch like super baby

-Melt family members through extreme cuteness and a highly lovable nature

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