Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Delta Airlines Sucks

The short story: Delta Airlines Sucks

We booked several legs of our Seattle to South Africa trip on Delta and several other parts on their partner, KLM. Without fail, the KLM experience was very pleasant and everything we could have wished. Also without fail the treatment we received from Delta was nothing short of shocking. Delta employees were rude, ineffective, and either unable or unwilling to do the simple things required to do their jobs in a reasonable fashion.

From the ticketing agents (who took nearly two hours to print out our tickets AND double charged us for the infant fee) to the flight attendants (who were grumpy, rude, failed to bring an infant seatbelt, and one who actually fell asleep during take-off!) to the gate agents (who sent M running across the airport to fix THEIR mistake) to the finance department (who refuse to refund the double charge) we were not impressed.

As if that were not enough, all three adults (but not the baby) got serious food poisoning from eating the airline meals on our last flight. We didn't eat anything else, so we know it was their food. Delta is in serious need of a figurative smacking. I will be doing my best to avoid buying tickets from them in the future.


Anonymous said...

were the Delta/KLM tickets the cheapest available when you purchased them?

PassTravelFool said...

There is no such thing as an infant seat belt. If the child is a lap child, the child shouldn't be in a seatbelt at all, if the child has a seat, the regular seatbelt is to be used.

Joy to the World said...

Dear Fool,

If there is no such thing as an infant belt, then why did I get one on my KLM flights? Also, why did the inflight safety info for Delta state that we would be given and infant belt for our lapchild?

Dear Anon,

No they were not the cheapest.

Snakob said...

The Delta safety video does not say you will get an infant seatbelt, it says "If neccesary infant lifevest will be provided for children who weigh 35 pounds or less." This is in the event of a water evacuation. Infant seatbelts are banned on all american based airlines, as the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) deems them unsafe. US Carriers will not provide them, and you may not use your own on a US airline either. Take it up with the FAA, not the airlines.