Monday, December 20, 2010


The baby skill of the week is really two related talents.  First came the two arm wave as if our girl were conducting her own (crazy) symphony.  Sometimes it takes a form that more closely resembles a rabid fan at a sporting event.  Another great feature about waving both hands in the air is that you can then bring those hands crashing down onto your tray.  Pounding the table is now one of her favorite after dinner activities, and I'm afraid that Mom and Dad do nothing but encourage the behavior (picture all three of us slapping our placemats). 

The other half of this skill is also waving, but a much more subtle kind.  Delphinium is now able to hold up one hand and open and close the fingers in a "hello/goodbye" gesture.  At first she would only do it to herself when seeing her reflection.  It was SO cute to see her sitting in her walker in front of the sliding door waving away at the baby in the glass.  Now she's moving up to waving at real live people.  It's still quite hit or miss, but one day soon she may decide to wave at you. 

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