Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Choo Choo Daddy

Daddy recently went on  yet another business trip, but this time, instead of flying, he took the train.  This was a very exciting idea for Delphinium since she is a huge fan of trains.  Sadly, his departure was so early in the morning that there was no way we could see him off.  The next best thing arrived while we girls were eating breakfast.  The first picture was the outside of the train with windows and little stepstool visible.  The next was the inside of the train with seats and luggage bins.  The final pic was Daddy in his seat!  The baby ate these up, and we had to view the triptych at least a dozen times.  That whole week while he was gone, she told people "Daddy go work choo choo!"  I think it helped her to make the trip something exciting instead of something sad.  Then, when Daddy came home, he had video!

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Raymond said...

If the kids are up for it, I hope to be able to take them by train to visit their auntie in SF. But a sleeping car ain't cheap!