Friday, March 09, 2012

Daddy's Away

For the second time in two weeks, Daddy is on a business trip. One can hardly hold it against him since it's for work, but we can't help feeling a little pressed. There is a reason families traditionally come with two parents, or at least I've certainly gotten used to having that way. I find that I can parent, clean, or cook effectively, but I cannot do two, let alone all three of those things at the same time. Something has to give. That means that I all but ignore my child to get the dinner on the table, and the only time any housework gets done is while she's sleeping. Exercise? Ha! Perhaps I will learn to do a better job on my own (goodness knows lots of people have to do it that way all the time!) or maybe I will always feel like I'm not quite cutting the proverbial mustard.

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