Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunshine and Laziness

The first day of spring came and went without so much as a single ray of sunshine. However, just a few days later we actually got two and a half days together that were sunny or partly so. It's amazing how good it can make you feel after a whole long winter. On gray days I don't have any trouble with sadness, but oh how wide awake things seem when the sun shines.

In years past I would have taken the first bright day that I had off to clean clean clean the house. I like to hang out all the white bedding and pillows and towels to get rid of any musty smells. No matter how cold it still might be, I throw open the doors and windows to get the fresh breeze going. Depending on how inspired I feel, I've even been known to use lemons and other natural cleaners to scrub the kitchen and bathrooms. At the end of the day there's hardly a cobweb or musty smell to be found. Sounds great doesn't?

Except this year. This year I didn't do any of that. My house is not one bit cleaner that it was on the last day of winter. Why? Because we didn't have time for cleaning when we had to run outside and play! On the first day we played in the backyard for an hour and walked in the park for an hour. On the second day we spent several hours in the backyard, went for a walk, and then Daddy came home early and took the girl to the park. It was just an extravaganza that could not be missed for any mere chores.

I suppose that means if it rains today I'm on the housewifely hook. Oh well. Easter is coming up, so I will have to face it soon. I'm going to have to learn to clean on sunny days too or summer is going to be grubby indeed.

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