Monday, March 31, 2008

And It Snowed

It really, really snowed. It was quite a surprise how quickly it came down and how much actually accumulated. I watched it snow all evening on Saturday, and I even went out into the backyard for a bit to enjoy scene. However, the next morning brought a sad surprise. The heavy, wet snow weighed down all the trees and bushes in the neighborhood. Some, like the cedars and firs, are "built" for snow and had no trouble shedding the accumulation.

The ethereal little flowering cherry trees all over our community were not so lucky. All those beautiful masses of pink blossoms served to hold on to the snow and overburden the branches. When I got up Sunday morning and looked out the window to admire the snow, I saw our tree all bent and broken. We were actually relatively lucky, some trees keeled over altogether, while others will probably have to be cut down due to damage.

Cutting out the cracked branches and disposing of them in the yard waste bin was no picnic, but the worst part was just how sad it all was. The driveway was covered in pink petals by the time we were finished, and I couldn't help thinking "If only I'd gone out, even once, to shake off the snow, it might have been okay." I know, I know, it's just a tree, but I hate to have my precious signs of spring damaged. Proof once again that our climate is doing something strange.

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