Tuesday, October 06, 2009

2009 Prices

Since I so enjoyed reading those historical shopping lists with prices, I was inspired to provide myself with a similar type of amusement in years to come. In the year 2019, it might be entertaining to look back on the prices we paid for things here in the distant past. I used that same list from 1909 and updated the prices on as many items as I could. Of course they are just estimates based on local market prices. I couldn't resist adding the gasoline price for good measure.

Food & Beverages

Apples, $2 per pound

Beef, Sirloin steak, $5-16$/lb

Butter, fancy creamery, $4/lb

Chicken, roasting. $3.00/lb

Coffee, $10/lb

Eggs, $2.50/dozen

Fish sardines, $3.00/can

Flour, 2.75/5 lb sack

Lemons, $1.00/2

Macaroni, 2.00/pkg

Mustard, Colman's, 3.98

Peanut butter, 4.50/lb

Potatoes, white or sweet, 1.29/lb

Rice, Japan, .85/lb

Salt, 2.50/pkg

Soup, Campbell's, 1.79/can

Tea, 3.50/20 bags

Also had to include

Gas 3.05/gal

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