Friday, October 16, 2009

Nieces Return to the Symphony

Not long ago we took the nieces back to the symphony for a little further exposure to classical music. They always claim to be very excited to go to another concert, but I am never sure how much of that is actual enjoyment of the music, and how much is amusement at confusing their father by liking something he can't stand. Either way, when we offer them tickets to a show, they always jump at the chance.

Therefore, on a recent Saturday evening, we all met up in the foyer of Benaroya Hall. The girls were looking very fancy; the elder wearing a jacket and satin blouse, while the younger sported a beautiful black and white dress with a long puffed skirt. It never ceases to amaze me that two such pretty girls could be related to the rest of our family, but it is true.

We turned over our tickets and headed down to our new seats for the first show of the season. Unfortunately, we've lost the prime cheap seats we used to enjoy, and now we are off to one side. This would not normally be too big an issue except that the stage was set for a soloist, so virtually every space on the stage was filled. All we could see were the backs of some violinists. Nevertheless, the music was wonderful. Ravel, Rachmaninoff, and Dvorak impressed us all.

Okay, so maybe not everyone was impressed. During the surprisingly quiet Rachmaninoff piece, Younger Niece managed to nod off. She was drooling peacefully onto her own hand when a noisy bit of percussion suddenly woke her from her sleep. She jumped about a foot into the air, but managed not to make a sound. After that, she sat quietly, and seemed to enjoy the show.

It amazes me how much they've grown up in the last two years. That very first performance attended by only Elder Niece was nerve-racking since I didn't know how she might behave. Today, they are veterans, and often their behavior is quieter and more attentive than many much older symphony patrons. I wonder how long the sweet spot can last.

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