Friday, October 23, 2009

We're Having a Baby!

I can hardly believe I'm writing it, but M and I are finally expecting our own little one. I've been told that some people feel ambivalent when they discover that they are pregnant, but I am not that way at all. This is pretty much one of the most fantastic things that's ever happened to me. Of course you mothers out there are thinking "oh just you wait!" I'm sure it's true that we have no idea what we're really in for, but I am still excited to find out.

In the next week or so, I'll be posting a few things I wrote in the last few weeks but couldn't post because no one else new our news.


SabraGirl said...

Oh no, us mothers out there are thinking "this is one of the most fantastic things that will every happen to you!". :-) And challenging, frustrating, invigorating, amazing, and inspiring too. Yay!

Raymond said...

Nobody knows what they're really in for. You just have to do the best you can. We'll be there to help (and to nod knowingly as you discover all the things we did along the way).

Anonymous said...

It will be very nice to have some expert company on this particular trip :)