Monday, October 05, 2009

The Horrible Terrible Very Bad Southern Lunchbox

Earlier this fall, I spent some time researching new and different ideas for packing that eternal lunchbox. I'm always on the hunt for things that will inspire me to eat healthy lunches instead of pre-made frozen meals. Of course this is a big topic when all the kids are heading back to class, so I was able to find many interesting ideas. A few of the good ones included hummus pita, apples and almond butter, and vegetarian pie pockets.

A few of the weirder ideas were Jell-O molds with vegetables, do-it-yourself lunchables (because they're cheaper, but still maintain that utter lack of nutritional value!) and egg salad with raisins (yuck!). It was all more or less within the expected range of ideas until I came to one fateful website. The lunchbox section of the Southern Food section of came as quite a shock.

The pictured menu at the top of the page is a ham salad role (what could be better than pork and tons of mayo?) on white bread with a side of fries. Now doesn't that sound like a lovely thing to pack in your little first grader's box? Of course the little guy will be wanting something sweet too after all that mayo, so be sure to pack one of their wonderful dessert suggestions. Pecan brownies, sour cream cookies, and chocolate sour cream cupcakes just to name a few. Gosh, I wonder why the southern states have higher obesity rates than any other part of the country?

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