Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten Stupid Holiday Ideas

M and I had the misfortune to watch a holiday decorating program on TV the other day. The premise of the show was that two professional designers would offer tips in between segments of viewer suggestions. I thought it might inspire us to do a little holiday decorating of our own, but I should have known better. All we did was laugh and groan during the entire thing. Here's a helpful list of wonderful decorating ideas:

1. Instead of a real tree, make one out of pillow stuffing.

2. Instead of a real tree, make one entirely out of teddy bears

3. Instead of a real tree, cover a Styrofoam spike with candy using a hot glue gun.

4. Instead of a real tree, hand a branch upside down from your ceiling

5. Instead of a real tree make a green triangle on the wall using strings of lights

6. Get an old metal gate, hand it on your door, use it to hang all your Christmas cards

7. On a bare table-top make an "arrangement" of branches and candles. Light candles. One assumes you then have to buy a new table when finished.

8. Cover every inch of mantle with ribbons and bows such that you cannot actually have a fire.

9. Fill your bathtub past the top with mounds of round glass ornaments.

10. Make a ten foot high Star of David, and use it as the entry way to your party. Also, make a menorah costume for you (the host) to wear.

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