Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Cold 09

No, no, not the sniffling sneezing kind. I've had one of those recently, but I hope that is not blog-worthy. Though I do usually have a rule against weather posts, I often set it aside in extreme cases. The last few days represent an extreme case of weather for those of us used to more temperate climates. No, no, again it's not what you are thinking. We haven't had any flooding, wind storms, or feet of snow. All we have in the PAC NW these days is cold.

Right now, it is around 11am, and it is 24 degree Fahrenheit outside. That's warmed quite a bit from the overnight low of 14! 14! We are not used to those kind of temperatures around here. On the bright side, we haven't had much trouble with ice since everything is so incredibly dry (including my skin), and the sun is brilliant every day. On the down side (from my POV) we haven't seen a single flake of snow with all this cold. For a while they were predicting some, but now they expect to see things warm up and skip the snow step entirely. Fingers crossed for some sort of white December.

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