Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kelsey Creek Farm

Not long ago the three of us enjoyed an outing at Kelsey Creek Farm.  Who would have thought that there would be an entire historic farm tucked away in the neighborhoods of Bellevue?  It turns out we've been missing this great opportunity for years!  We admired the rolling green pastures, visited with the ponies in the upper paddocks, and then headed down to the main barn and pigpens.  It turns out that they  not only have a huge copper-colored mother pig, but also a whole litter of pink baby pigs snuggled up in the straw.  Delphinium was enchanted.  We also saw chickens, sheep, cows, and some seriously quizzical goats.  We will certainly be back another day, and next time we'll be sure to bring a picnic. 

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Mathias said...

Picnic sounds like a great idea! We'll have to join you next time.