Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Almost There

When we get home today the key to our new house will be waiting! It will probably be too late for us to go up and wander around, but at least we will get to hold that key in our hot little hands. Meanwhile, the listing for the condo went up today. I was actually surpised to find that when I looked at the listing it made me a little sad. That condo was our first home together, and it will always be special. Moving the ornaments made me remember our first Christmas when we didn't have a tree topper so we sat a teddybear in the top branches. Silly little details sometimes make the memory I guess. Anyway, we are just about out of the old and into the new, and hopefully the next time I write, there can be rhapsodizing about the wonders of the new house.

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everymoment said...

Hooray! That is fabulous news - looking forward to further reportage and rhapsodizing :)