Thursday, November 17, 2005

New House!

Yesterday at 5:00 I was driving to Redmon because I thought that I was going to hear a lecture by Stephen Hawking. I also thought that our agent had stood me up, and I was not getting the new house key as he had promised. Trying not to grind my teeth about the key; I could at least be happy about the lecture. By the time I arrived at Mark's office things had changed. Stephen Hawking was not feeling well (poor Stephen Hawking!) but the agent DID turn up with the key. Okay, change of plans. We grabbed dinner, Mark ran home and picked up the key, and we met up again to go over to the house.

Every time I see it from the street I just can't believe it's ours. It was very dark out by this time, the key stuck in the lock, but finally Mark got it to work. (Can you tell that I'm trying to remember every stupid detail about our first visit to OUR house?!) Without the furiture it looks much bigger than when we saw it before. You can also see much more clearly how shabby some things are. There are dents, dings, scratches and old paint effects; in short it needs some sprucing. We will definately have quite a few projects ahead of us, but most of them are in the cleaning, painting, updating range, so I think we will be okay. Anyway, it was just an empty, slightly worn house, but it was WONDERFUL! I was OURS!

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everymoment said...

Hooray! Congrats to you both. :)