Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Note: we still don't have an internet connection at the new house, so this post has to be a little early.

Warning: Shmaltz ahead

I LOVE Thanksgiving. In fact, I pretty much love holidays in general. Any reason to decorate, get together, eat some tasty food, and have a good time sounds good to me. Even so, Thanksgiving is one of my special favorites. To me it is a completely non-religious holiday (I know a lot of hard-core Christians would croak at the idea) and I really, honestly spend a good portion of it thinking of all the things for which I am grateful. Family, friends, good health, a warm and happy home, and a great job are all "treasures" as my great-grandmother used to say. The old saying goes that you can never truly appreciate something until it is gone, but I am going to make a real attempt to value them now. Happy Thanksgiving.

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