Sunday, November 13, 2005

Waiting, waiting, waiting

On Thursday we went to the title company to sign papers on the house. We each got our own shiney pen in a plastic wrapper. I was REALLY annoyed to find that my name didn't even appear on many of the papers. The young woman who was helping us appologized repeatedly. "It's just an archaic system" she said. Then why isn't Mark the one to be left off the top page? Did they ask us who we wanted as the "primary borrower?" No, they did not. They just put the male name on by default. I know it doesn't make any material difference, but I was irritated that it could still be set up that way. Anyway, we signed on Thursday, but the paperwork didn't quite make it through in time, so we don't officially close until tomorrow. We don't know if the "closing plus three days" clause is still in effect, so we either get the keys tomorrow or Thursday at 9pm. I think this has been the longest month in history!

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agedparent said...

Congratulations Alyssum! Congratulations Mark!
As far as the sexist escrow process is concerned; ask Pat Robertson!
I'm looking forward to pictures!
Thanks for taking the plunge into blogging.

John (aged parent)