Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Parent Madness

Okay, I just can't resist any more. Today I have to write about school. I know this is a bit of a risk because people might get mad at me for speaking frankly, but I'm banking on the idea that I'm at least sort of anonymous. Anyway, if anyone wants to debate the truth of my statements, I would be happy to take them on.

My gripe for today (I have several) is about parents who do not let their kids be responsible for themselves. Today I got a message from one mother who wants to know why her child lost two points on a writing assignment that we completed THREE WEEKS ago! Another mother emailed me last week asking if her daughter could make up an assignment that she did not turn in because she "had a really busy soccer schedule over the weekend." These incidents both pale in comparison to the mother (why are they always mothers?) who could not see why her child should receive a zero on an assignment where she copied half the work from another kid. This parent really felt that half credit, and only on the copied portions, would be much more reasonable. I could go on and on. Aside from the fact that they drive me crazy, can these parents not see what they are doing to their children? It is no wonder that there are so many people out there with an extreme sense of entitlement. I know that there are people who err the other way and ignore, or even neglect, their children, but surely there must be a happy medium. Perhaps my opinion will change when I have kids, but at the moment I see this as a big problem. In twenty years will these mothers be sending emails to bosses asking why their child didn't get promoted?

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