Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Okay, so she is actually yawning, not snarling, but it still makes a pretty good picture. The kitties have both calmed down considerably since the move. They seem to like the new house very much because it has much more room for chasing each other around and finding new places to hide. I knew Steerpike was truly over the shock when he started biting my toes through the covers again. Another fascinating thing about moving is the large number of cardboard boxes. Of course each box must be thoroughly inspected inside and out, and any loose packing tape needs to be shredded. Last week I caught Steerpike with a big ball of packing tape stuck to one of his paws. He was frantically trying to shake the paw and run away at the same time. It was so funny that I have to admit I watched for a minute before going to help him.

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