Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pictures of Christmas Past

Christmas 2005 was a great success in our house. We had tasty food, a beautiful, sparkly tree, lots of presents, and some great company. I'm sorry to always sound like a Pollyanna but I am just a lucky person I guess. I know I posted pictures of the tree before, but this picture has the presents all laid out under the tree. Much to the disgust of my eldest niece, I did not actually count the presents. However, I think I can safely say that everyone did very well. As per family tradition, but again to my niece's dismay, we were very disciplined about not opening our presents until the actual holiday.
We started our day by unpacking our stockings together. My mom and my younger brother were there, and of course everyone had their own stocking. This year, Santa favored edible gifts of an international flavor. For example, some stockings included cookies from Sweden, chocolates from France, marzipan pigs from Germany, and mango pickle from India. Mmmmm.
Mark did manage to get the largest package, and he did not hesitate to riiiiip! We have a running debate out unwrapping carefully versus the making of confetti.

Mark's big gift was this big, blue coat. During the cold snap we had a few weeks ago, I noticed that he only seems to have light coats suitable for the usual temperatures in Seattle. I decided that he needed a "snowman" coat. He may have trouble moving quickly, but he will definitely not be cold. More on my presents later.

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everymoment said...

Nice coat - and nice Ikea sideboard, too ;)