Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Seattle Caterer: Ravishing Radish

The backbone of our July '08 wedding was Ravishing Radish catering. This company was one I remembered from a wedding I attended years ago, and I was very pleased to find them still in business when our time came. While "Radish" may not be the bargain basement cheapest of the catering bunch, the little bit of extra cost is entirely worthwhile in my mind. They were very professional, helped us to choose exactly what we wanted, and they did a great job of actually managing our event on the "day of."

We found the quality of the food to be very good, and if you're still not sure about that, be sure to visit one of their tasting parties. We were also very pleased to discover that the Ravishing Radish chef was able and willing to create lovely vegetarian dishes for half our guests. Even better than the food, though, was the way Junko and the other servers managed our event. They were willing to help out with all sorts of tasks from arranging tables to positioning the cake and creating beautiful centerpieces. Having such well-rounded team meant that we did not have to worry so much about every little detail. I would highly recommend Ravishing Radish for any type of event.

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Piya said...

The food was delicious! I think I debated going back for more.