Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight Movie Reviews

I'm busy falling all over myself with the hilarity of the movie reviews I've been reading today. Everyone has a review of Twilight out right now, and they ALL seem to miss the point. Okay, maybe not ALL of them, but such a significant portion as to be funny. Many of these people talk about how the movie sucks because it totally fails to be a horror movie. Um hello? Horror movie? Are we really so limited as to think that all movies with spooks have to be horror? Many of these reviewers even go so far as to suggest an alternative title with the proper amount of "thrills and chills."

The Slate reviewer admits that she could never actually make it through the book, but she thinks the movie is probably pretty much the same (well how exactly would you know that?). Another group slams the movie for being too complicated and subtle to appeal to children! Children?! Who said anything about taking kids? I wouldn't expect The Nieces to enjoy something like this, and I wouldn't try to make them.

It is almost as if some of the reviewers had already made up their minds to hate this movie before they actually went to the show. Afterwards, they cast around for some reason to throw out there to account for the negative review. I am strongly reminded of the Harry Potter haters who, when you pinned them down, admitted they’d never actually cracked a book!

Why do the self-appointed keepers of popular culture insist on dismissing and misinterpreting anything they deem immature? God forbid we should actually like something that is intended for YOUNG PEOPLE! Eww what an icky thought! That might harm our credibility as SERIOUS and GROWN UP people. Gah! What about trying to judge the thing based on its merits?

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