Friday, November 07, 2008

A Good Day

The sky is like a heavy wool blanket, and the rain has been pouring down for two days now. Nevertheless, this is a very good day. Here are a few of the reasons in no particular order:

1. At school we all attended the Veterans Day assembly, and the kids actually sat and listened in polite silence for ALMOST the whole time.

2. We got to sing at the assembly.

3. It's Friday!

4. I get to go on a mini road trip with my Very Superior Husband (more on the VSH label later).

5. The autumn leaves are even more beautiful against the gray sky.

6. I get to have a lovely, sweet, steaming mug of tea this afternoon since I don't have to go to bed early (I know, this seems pitiful, but it means something to me.)

7. All the make-up wedding china arrived without a single broken piece.

8. Everybody in my family is gainfully employed.

9. I get to have dinner with my Aunties this weekend.

10. Pretty soon I won't have to hear Bush's awful voice or see his picture anymore.

11. Democrats control Congress!

12. Democrats control the Senate!

13. There's about to be a Democratic president in the White House!

14. The country cannot be quite a racist as I had feared.

15. The Nieces are coming along on the road trip!

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