Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Seattle DJ: Bamboo Beats

Originally, I didn't even want to have a DJ at our wedding. My experience with wedding DJ's usually went from the moderately cheesy to the downright embarrassing. However, my fiancé was determined, so a DJ we had to have. Fortunately for us, we ended up with the DJ services of Bamboo Beats. I was so pleasantly surprised by their work, that I had to let other people know about them.

The first thing you notice about the Dyckhoff's (yes, there are two of them) is that they really want to know about you and what kind of music/presentation you would like. Our wedding was fun and romantic, and they absolutely worked to create that feel in both the music and the announcements. They also did a great job of noticing the mood of the crowd and modifying the music to fit.

Last, but not least, the part where there are two of them was invaluable to our event. Having two people meant that one could actually play the music while the other helped keep people organized and made sure that everything ran smoothly. These DJ's even pitched in when they saw a need. From comforting flower girls to smoothing the aisle runner, they were very helpful all around. Bamboo beats doesn't just play the music, they also help your whole wedding to run more smoothly. Thanks very much to DJ Tecumseh and Johanna!

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