Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Finding Out

It's a very little story, but I wanted to get it down before I forget the details.

It all started for us when we were heading home from a weekend away. I was driving, it was the middle of the afternoon, and we had only been on the road for an hour at most. In spite of getting a full night's sleep the night before, I found that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Eventually, I had to pull over and ask M to drive because I was so tired I thought I might get us into trouble. All I thought about this was "hope I'm not getting sick."

Later in the week, I made our weekend night dinner in the usual way, and I happened to boil some eggs to put on the salad. They were beautiful farmers' market eggs, and they were perfectly cooked if I do say so myself. Nevertheless, when it came time to actually eat the salad, I found that I could not stand the thought of eating those eggs. I realized that they smelled terrible to me. M seemed to be enjoying his, so I gave one a try. Nope, they tasted even worse than they smelled. How could it be that I'd never noticed how vile and disgusting eggs really are? Then, finally, the idea hit me. Maybe it wasn't the eggs. The next day, I trotted off to the grocery store to buy my self a test. Sure enough, it was me, and not the eggs all along.

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