Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween 09

Halloween '09 was a very good one indeed. I got to spend the whole weekend with a zombie soccer player and a carton of milk. The soccer player costume came about because Dad, being Dad, brought the wrong soccer jerzy home from Europe. Instead of Elder Niece's favorite German team, he purchased one from an opposing Spanish team! Horrors! Luckily, it was realized that turning this player into a zombie for the sake of a costume was really a slam. Whew! Day saved!

The milk carton came about because Younger Niece planned to go trick or treating with a friend, and they wanted their costumes to compliment. Thus they decided on milk and cookies. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the cookies had to cancel, but the carton of milk still went. Her costume was another Grandma original, and it was quite fabulous. Younger Niece herself had the brainwave to put an expiration date of 1492 on the carton, so that she could be sour milk. The response to her costume was HUGE. People were leaning out of car windows to congratulate her.

Next year: baby costumes!

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