Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine --- Done!

Ahhh. That was a collective sigh of relief just released from many of the pregnant mommies of the greater Seattle area. Due to some serious organizing, and some very long days on the part of many wonderful nurses, hundreds of pregnant women in my area were recently able to attend an H1N1 clinic at our local hospital. I was delighted to receive my jab because, along with my seasonal shot, I am now much less likely to get seriously sick this winter.

I was touched, but also a bit shocked, to discover that we were getting our shots before the medical people. H1N1 is a phenomenon that has so many people in crisis mode, and it seems like many decisions are not being made in a clear and logical fashion. Nevertheless, I was very grateful to receive coverage. Now if we can just work out how to get the vaccine to other at-risk groups before we go giving away doses to regular healthy people or even major financial firms.

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