Monday, November 30, 2009

Emergency Preparedness by Kids

Before reading a story about survival, the students were assigned to write a list of things they would want to have in a survival situation. They were limited to items that are legal and reasonably available, and they could not "bring" any more than would fit inside a standard student backpack. After much discussion (no you cannot have a gun) and consideration (can you comfortably carry fifty gallons of water?) they came up with their lists and turned them in to me. Many students, like this girl, went the highly sensible route:

-Swiss Army knife with many attachments

-flashlight and extra batteries

-water purifier

-6 cans of food

-can opener


-emergency blanket

-waterproof matches

-cell phone

-first aide kit

-1 extra set of clothes

-Ramen packs with any extra space

Many other students, unfortunately, were not quite so pragmatic. Here's a brief sampling of some of the more, ahem, interesting items the students selected.

- Jello

-50 cheeseburgers

-Color pencils

-Hand lotion

-50 gallons of water

-A puppy

-5 shurikens

-A Nintendo DS/PSP/Other video game system


Mathias said...

Assuming the safe rest, I like the Nintendo DS/PSP idea. One can easily get really bored during emergency times.

Carrie said...

Well, I have to commend the child with the hand lotion idea (although, hrm, was it a boy?)

In an emergency you get stressed out and your hands could get dry, therefore becoming less usable when you need them the most!