Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon Review

Ahh the Twilight franchise. Yes, it's overwrought, overly sentimental, and oh so overexposed. Nevertheless, I find myself still a fan. The books have a certain quality to them that makes them very, very hard to put down. Perhaps the best word for it is voice. That uncanny ability, by the author, to make you feel that her story is fresh and authentic even when the themes should be old and tired. Whatever the real reason, the success of these books cannot be denied.

Fortunately, the movies have retained most, if not quite all, of the charm. The first installment was too brief and involved some silly scenes, but it more or less told the story of Bella and Edward. Approaching the second movie, I was not sure what I might find. The second book is, more than anything, an exploration of depression. It relies heavily on subtlety, and I wondered if this would be lost when it was translated to the screen.

This new movie also had some profoundly silly scenes, but over all, it was a decent effort. I was colossally annoyed by the dissolving ghost of Edward appearing all over the place (NOT in the book), and I thought they edited out some of the best dialogue. For example, in the book Bella is much more straightforward with Jacob, and she does not give such a strong impression that she is leading him on only to leave him.

Even so, I had a great time watching this movie. After all, I am a part of the target demographic (i.e. women). Not only that, but I try to avoid the cardinal mistake when watching or reading something from the YA shelf: over thinking. This is a story simply to be enjoyed. Relax, let yourself go, and try to stop worrying about purple prose, implied themes, or the poor quality of Taylor Lautner's wig.

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Carrie said...

I thought Jacob had the best lines. I liked the humor.

Edward's disembodied head made me giggle far too often, sorry I couldn't quite keep myself quiet in the theater! it was just too silly.