Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultra-Sound is Fun

That very first appointment with the OBGYN was SO exciting. Even though a home test and a doctor's test confirmed the pregnancy, it still didn't seem quite real until that appointment. As the NP was doing her exam, I remember her saying, in an uber-bright voice, "oh yes, we're all kinds of pregnant!" and suddenly it began to seem real. This feeling was compounded when they wheeled in the portable ultra-sound machine. We got to see our little "pollywog" at last.

Later I discovered that the portable machine really doesn't give all that great a picture. At our next appointment, we had a chance to meet up with the Big Kahuna of ultra-sound technology. Okay, no, it was not one of those impressive 4-D models, but really I didn't mind. On the screen this time was a recognizable baby with a face, hand, feet, and other details too. We could see the baby moving all over the place, and we could make out arms, legs, and even face. One of the best bits was when she began bouncing off the wall (me!) in a sort of gymnastic flip. I kept forgetting to stay flat on the table because I wanted to turn and get a better look.

Then, of course, there's the part where you get to see the beating of that teeny tiny little heart. I mean to gush, but that particular picture is awesome. And I truly mean awesome. Not the way teenagers use it to mean "pretty good" but the real meaning of the world where you are struck dumb by the amazement of the thing. I absolutely cannot wait for our next appointment with the big machine.

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