Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baby Class #1: In Which Nothing Happens

The title pretty much says it all. M and I went to the women's hospital last week for the first day of our seven part "So You're Having a Baby" series of educational courses. There were about twelve other couples with us in the waiting room, and it was quite funny to see how all the women were at almost exactly the same stage of pregnancy. We all had our required two pillows and one blanket.

Then we all just sat there for a while. And then we sat some more. And yet more sitting. No teacher ever appeared. I was actually surprised by how well most people took the delay. Maybe it's true that pregnancy does make you more laid back. Eventually, M got tired of waiting and went to find out what had happened. Everyone back in the waiting room was waiting to hear what he would find out. Finally, we were told to go home. It seems that a scheduling mix-up caused our teacher to not show up. Now we're back on for this week. Fingers crossed that she shows up this time. One friend joked that this was our first lesson: false labor.

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