Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blazing Bagels Redmond

A few days ago, hungry and in a hurry, M and I finally stopped at the Redmond bagel shop, Blazing Bagels. Now I knew the bagels would be good because I've had them in other places, but I've never been to the storefront. This is largely due to the fact that they're located in a really odd little commercial park several blocks back from the main road. However, the search for them was entirely worth the effort.

This is not the best bagel I've ever eaten, but it is in the top three. Toothy on the outside, soft, but not too soft, on the inside, and oh the flavors. They must have three dozen different flavors. I know many people have strong opinions about what makes an acceptable bagel flavor, but everyone should get what they want here. Add to that the tasty schmears and other toppings, and you can create the dream bagel. I had a Chevy cheese with garlic/herb schmear and tomato on top, and it was heavenly. M says the lox are good too. Did I mention the array of sweets and the funky yet comfortable seating area? The only problem with this place is the danger to your waistline. We will definitely be back.

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